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Doesn't have to be new players that complain about high performance guns. Had a guy, 57, with a MP5 frankengun (built from spare parts) complain when he was being outdistanced by a KC02 (with all the trimmings) said we were cheating and not calling our hits. A guy on his team explained about our guns, then he complained and said we were cheating using upgraded guns. Wanted the FPS checked on them, they were well under 400FPS. Then went on to say that us having comms was cheating, and that skill was what was needed in this game, of which he had none, even after professing to have years of military experience (spec ops and that sort).

So its not just the younger players that need education. This guys is well know to not call his hits but continues to play because his buddy owns the field.

All the guys on my team have 5+ years of experience playing, we went through the shitty gun, to better player, to better gun routine. We also do team training, run through our strategy before a round. We also stay on comms and adjust as needed, calling out enemy movements and reacting to them.

Education is the biggest need, but there are those out there that will not be educated. I try to avaiod them as much as possible or just walk away from their BS.
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