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Originally Posted by Gato View Post

Retailers don't help new players mentalities either by pushing shit like ICS and G&G on new players, claiming that they're good guns to hit the field with and keep players on an even footing. When I started, it was pretty much an unwritten rule that you'd play a few games and get an idea what was going on, but if you were going to be getting into it seriously, your gun wouldn't remain stock for long (except TM mechboxes at the time, you didn't open those unless you HAD to). This leads new players to label any higher quality guns or upgraded guns as "cheap tricks" and "unfair". I've listened to players complain about upgraded VFC, PTW and polarstars, I've even had a player accuse me of cheating because my polarstar M16 is more accurate and out ranged his stock ICS rifle, which had a barrel shorter than 10.5 inches. When I commented on this, he proceeded to remark that I lie and cheat because the retailer (One guess as to who. Hint: "Official" ICS retailer) said his gun was from a good company and would put him on a level playing field with anything he'd likely come across.
So wait a minute here. You blame the retailers for selling 'not the best quality guns' and you preach the upgraded gun? This is what's wrong with players now! They think that when they buy an airsoft gun, whatever brand it is may be, it will outrange and out shoot everyone else's gun! When I first started in the late 90's, we pushed players for being better at the sport before they get an upgraded gun, a hot gun (higher fps, not necessarily 450 fps). We believed in 'Upgrade the Player before Upgrade the gun'.

Whether the new player has a G&G or ICS as you may claim 'SHIT', that player may be also new to the sport and still learning the ropes. I hope you understand the meaning of 'Be an enabler not a disabler'. New players will buy what they can afford in this sport. Let that sink in a bit...
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