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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
This sort of rolls into my next point... The newer or younger players often have a culture or attitude that accumulated kills counts for everything, rather than achieving game objectives or how well you functioned as a fire team, squad or unit, how your tactics worked and how well you can engage and last through a firefight.

Older players need to help younger players see this, as they are absolutely 100% coach-able in my experience.
Agreed, seeing and hearing this more and more.

At OP Fiery Spoon V, there was a younger new player commenting to me how surprised he was at his kill ratio and that he was so happy he got so many kills versus deaths.

I responded with "That is nice, but did you have fun?", he said yes and I said "good that is what matters most" Having fun is what this sport was about, not who had the highest FPS, most kills or was so L33T they could not die. Sure they were always a part of the discussion, but the fun was the main part.
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