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Yes and No.

That discussion was part of this post, but over the past 2 years I have been involved in many discussions about headshot kills, including discussions about specific teams who made it a point to only get headshots (including headshots on dead players for initiation points). As well as from games where I have been an admin dealing with and watching people accuse each other of cheating when myself or other admins could see hat their shots were not getting through.

It's also bad when admins are being shot while wearing bright reflective vests in broad daylight (we had an admin up a ladder on a tree, setting up pyro effects, 20' off the ground taking headshots). Had we been able to pinpoint and catch said person they would have been ejected from the game and made known to the full spectrum of mass players who they were.
then there be some assholes there. :P

yeah, scrub teams making it a mandate to accumulate headshots should be shunned. That's not an honorable practice, it's making people take advantage of vulnerable players.

As for continuing the dialog on upping the level of players, I also proposed to a couple teams at my local field that we need to do more to elevate the level of play. Steamrolling scrub/pug opponents is fun and novel but it wears off and beating them with an embarrasing point count doesn't do us any good, we want to operate as a team, getting split up will not allow us to practice team sized tactics, only pairs and small groups. So I also proposed to them of running a mentorship program during game days where we walk newer players through some of the tactics we employ or some basic team work tactics on a whiteboard. Newer players often just stand at max range and lob shots, they congregate and they refuse to move, so they'll get steamrolled because 7 guys are shooting at 1 guy instead of 1 guy and 2-3 guys maneuvering for the kill while the rest watch the flanks.

This sort of rolls into my next point... The newer or younger players often have a culture or attitude that accumulated kills counts for everything, rather than achieving game objectives or how well you functioned as a fire team, squad or unit, how your tactics worked and how well you can engage and last through a firefight.

Older players need to help younger players see this, as they are absolutely 100% coach-able in my experience.
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