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Head shots in of themselves are a tricky topic. First of all we can all agree that purposefully trying to hurt or injure a player is wrong, intentionally shooting an admin or dead player is wrong, and over shooting a player intentionally is wrong.

It becomes squiffy once you remove the word 'intentionally' and you get into words like 'accidentally' or 'carelessly'. Although you can hold a player accountable for their laziness and mistakes, and sometimes we should, the best of us will make mistakes. I've shot admins and teammates and everything else, it happens and it's just a part and a risk of the game, period.

Head shots were always a point of contention for us though. We would never outright ban them, because well, that's too hard to do really, they are in many ways an accepted part of airsoft, and we've seen teams, clubs, fields, etc, have their airsoft completely fall apart by trying to ban head shots. I do accept that players can wear a helmet, neck protector, full sealed goggles and a mask to protect themselves, and that that is at their discretion, what level of protection they use. Let's face it, you can't complain about headsets just because you don't like them, they hurt, they're inconvenient, or you failed to adequately protect yourself.

Head shots are only really unacceptable when they are COMPLETELY avoidable. Someone blasting you in the face from ten feet away, when your whole body is visible is a nuisance. Other than that, wind, brush, distance, quick reflexes, BB deviation and everything in between are all reasonable risks of the game. If only a head is given, then only a head I will shoot for. I myself have had two teeth broken and plenty of bleeders, but the other player has to be extremely careless for me to get upset. Getting tens of BBs to the face is unreasonable and so is getting shot while you are OBVIOUSLY dead. By obviously dead I mean you are hands up, guns down and dead rag on, yelled "HIT!!!" coupled with the fact that you are sitting bleeding out or getting out of the combat area and not hanging around. You also have to think that the enemy players have to be able to see these distinctions clearly. If they can't tell that you're dead, you will get shot.

ROF and overzealous shooters have become an issue though, I will admit to that. At range or through brush, Any player with half a brain will send at least a few insurance rounds down range, so you may get peppered a few times. Getting ten or twenty is too much surely, but what about when it's suppressing fire from an LMG, which is not necessarily aimed at you, they can't hear you call your hits, or the brush or cover you are behind is mostly impenetrable, but they are set on eliminating you? Well, I'll tell you. There's no shame on yelling out your hit when you are hopelessly pinned. The longer you press a bad situation, the more likely your attackers will get closer and the more guns will be aimed at you. I've seen players catch hundreds of rounds because he attracted a lot of attention and wouldn't give up. Players moved in from all sides and sprayed him, because that was what they needed to do to get him. You can always protect your face with your gun or the ground as well, but sometimes things will go bad.

Now onto intentionally targeting heads all the time. Head shots are generally considered an accepted evil, more or less. But if you are strictly targeting heads when other targets are available, then you will maximize the number of injured and upset players there are. Only repeat offenders can only really be caught doing this, but it would seem to me to be an ejectable offense. This isn't of course referring to the careless, yet apologetic players. So, lots of gray. Lots and lots and lots.

I can tell you what isn't okay though, is tempers. I'm not talking about the guys who swear when they get shot in the ear or something, or throw down their gun after they biff it into the mud and hurt their ankle, or whatever, but the explosive attitudes that are projected at others. It is never okay to snap on another player, barring of course they don't do something blatantly illegal to you, like assault. But idiots shooting you in the face, not calling their hits, or whathaveyou, does not give you the right to scream and yell at them.

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