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^That's a good post.

Can people also please explain to me why head shots are so reviled? I'm not baiting anyone here, I'd honestly like to hear why a double tap to the head is considered bannable.
I personally don't think it's a bannable offense, I just see it as a dick move when you have 500fps and a scope at your disposal if you have a sniper rifle. Yes it IS a player's own fault if they aren't wearing a face mask, and players who don't should realize it's on them if they don't wear one, it's not on the shooter, so if teeth get shot out, it's not on the shooter in this case... well unless the shooter could shoot anywhere except the face and still aims for the face. That would be a dick move.

If all your target presents is a head and a muzzle, that's all you got to shoot at.. if you're taking rounds, you shoot back. That's legit.

I got a problem with people walking up to you and repeatedly shooting you in the face, ears, neck, whether it be lack of control or malicious intent. You should be aware of your trigger discipline.

This thread is a direct result of someone who was shot multiple times in the face from extreme close range during and after the player had called hit and presented no threat. Safety gear being compromised aside (his glassed shifted under the onslaught or reaction and resulted in a shot to the tear duct). The shooter was incompetent or malicious, and it was dangerous play. That close, full body exposure, you choose to shoot for the face and ignore the hit call... THAT should be bannable.
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