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I agree with most of the comments made here. There needs to be a way to get back to the values that most of us started out with years ago.

Its funny this thread came up now. Over the last couple of weeks my team has been playing at a local field that usually hosts alot of younger players. Everytime we play as a team even if we are out numbered 3 to 1 we steamroll them, using comms and tactics. Its fun of 1 game then gets old really quickly. Usually they try to split us up so that the sides are alot more even. THen it becomes a battle between our team members with other bodies getting in the way.

So one of our members talked to the field about us running some tactical classes during games. Helping these new players learn how to us strategy and team work, rather than just run and gun. We all agreed that if we can do this we will help to create a better level of players and have these younger guys and gals shown how to have fun and play with honor. Something that is sorely missing in most games.

We don't know if it will work but we do know that if we don't do something, soon the younger players will not show up if we are there. We want it to be exactly the opposite.

If was how most of my team learned, taken under the wing of a most experienced player and taught the ways of the game.

We see if it works or not.
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