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I've met many new players over the past few years who are refreshing and welcome blood to the sport, but the vast majority of "newer" players seem to think they're in a PC game or are the greatest thing this game has ever seen. These people are the reason I tend to dislike drop in games.

I miss the days of playing with people such as McKee, IKYT, KingSix, Cooney, Arkell, OZone, ShortRound, as well as teams such as GHOSTS and many others. I knew that if they even thought they'd been hit, they'd call it and could count on me to do the same. Rarely was anyone shot in a manner that caused incident, and if it was, apologies were mad, as it was almost certainly an accident. Games were fun.

I think the biggest issue arises from the expansion of the sport. When I started, I'll admit, I was a bit of a "know it all" at first, but a number of people set me on the right path and I quickly learned to listen. I was put in my place a few times here on these boards before the advent of the "noob" tank and other useless rules.

When I finally hit the field with my first gun, which was almost prohibitively expensive at the time, I had a huge respect for the other players and their gear, based on the fact that they even let me play with them, as well as knowing how much of my hard earned chore and job money went into getting my starter gun, never mind the heavily customized guns I was seeing.

Even before some players started teaching me more about how to conduct myself on the field in terms of "Staying alive", I knew that if I didn't call my hits, no one would play with me and I wouldn't be welcome back. This had little to do with ASC or airsoft compared to what I'd been taught growing up. If you're no fun to play with, you don't get to play, if you want in on someone else's game, follow their rules.

A large part of the problem these days is that there is no recourse for bad behavior, we can't really "banish" people anymore, the fear of being cast out no longer exists. An example would be Team ECO. They dug their grave a long time ago based on their conduct within the sport, as well as towards other players and community members, including threats of physical violence, yet they're back out on the fields now, as there's nothing to stop them.

Retailers don't help new players mentalities either by pushing shit like ICS and G&G on new players, claiming that they're good guns to hit the field with and keep players on an even footing. When I started, it was pretty much an unwritten rule that you'd play a few games and get an idea what was going on, but if you were going to be getting into it seriously, your gun wouldn't remain stock for long (except TM mechboxes at the time, you didn't open those unless you HAD to). This leads new players to label any higher quality guns or upgraded guns as "cheap tricks" and "unfair". I've listened to players complain about upgraded VFC, PTW and polarstars, I've even had a player accuse me of cheating because my polarstar M16 is more accurate and out ranged his stock ICS rifle, which had a barrel shorter than 10.5 inches. When I commented on this, he proceeded to remark that I lie and cheat because the retailer (One guess as to who. Hint: "Official" ICS retailer) said his gun was from a good company and would put him on a level playing field with anything he'd likely come across.

To remedy the issues we face, I think we need to regain a stranglehold on the sport, and start seriously enforcing the rules again. Fields need to start handing out legitimate consequences for actions and keeping a list of banned players, if not some kind of "wall of shame", which would be easy enough to do with all the Go-Pros around. If a team is problematic, ban the team as a whole, this has worked in the past.

While we can't control the failings of parents, or the buisness practices of companies such as Airsoft Depot, Mach1 and any other, we can still influence the playerbase.

There was a time when Sgt. Splatters was, essentially, the realm of the banished, the only people who played there were essentially considered lepers to the rest of the community. On a small scale, this still works, as there's a core of players at Ultimate Airsoft who are not welcome anywhere else. We only need to increase the push behind the factors that drove that group out.
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