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I feel the same. I find that most now are stuck in the COD mode. "head shots are best" and shit like that. I have even experienced a few players myself saying that they are better then everyone cause they play call of duty and never call their hits because "No one really knows and I can deal with the pain"

I do find that kids as well are just not taking the game seriously. I have had some tell me that my PTW is not as good as their AEG that they got their parents to buy for $200. There is also a lot of "COD speak" going on too. Hell one kid (I call him a kid but he is 22) shot me and said that I was supposed to lay down where I died so he could teabag me. Once I told him I would ram his gun up his ass if I ever saw him doing that to anyone, he told an admin who continued to tell me that it was part of the game. Low and behold, I lectured them on the proper etiquette of honour and respect in a game. I packed up my gear and told them when they decide to grow up I may return.

This is an epidemic that needs to be cured.
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