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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
There needs to be something said... a charter/honour code for airsoft in Canada, like the bro code.
There was an unwritten code of respect, honour, "bro", etc. the first few years I started playing.

I've noticed though overtime with the sport growing far past ASC, and more and more "Veteran Players" leaving the sport/hobby for other endeavours, this code only remains with a core group of players who although still play, aren't even close to being as active (on and off the field) as the regular players you see now a days at games.

Personally, I usually try to avoid going to public/walk on games now unless I am in dire need to play, or a group of people I know are going, simply because there are too many issues I see occur at these games. Issues ranging from no hit calling, to calling out people's hits, to point blank shots that could cause injury, to the overly increasing aggressive/confrontational nature of players, etc., etc. As much as most hosts, refs, owners, and/or other players might want to admit it, a lot of these issues are brushed under the rug regardless if someone makes a complaint or not.

I think Brian put it best

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post

For many people that i see at events, the perception is that everyone else is there for their enjoyment, the same as computer generated adversaries in a video game.

it has become "us VS them" people no longer play together, they play Against each other. Many events are designed with an overarching theme of competition as the principle driver of the event. Who is "the best" sadly rarely brings out the best in people.

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