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Huh, I have never encountered this much aversion to head shots, or if this existed in MB nobody told me about it. I've also never done it when I had another target available, and I don't use automatic settings because I don't need it.
I don't care if I get zipped in the head though either, because I wear protection, and I have a mouth full of messed up teeth anyways.
People abusing automatics is a thing I'm familiar with though.

I guess I'm probably known in some circles as one of those evil villains!
This seems like a good example of club to club/ regional differences. If these cultural artifices are not clearly and immediately expressed to newcomers/ outsiders, there will be gross misunderstandings. If I go to your club, I will play by your rules without issue. I need to know all of these rules though, things that may seem like a given to you are not to me (I have no problem what so ever with recieving head shots. If I'm not wearing a cage I'd hope the other guy would give me a chance to open up another target as I would for him, but it's still my problem).
That's a difference between local cultures that needs to be clearly ironed out, because if I had walked into TTAC before hearing this, you'd just think I'm an asshole, when really except for fully protected faces being fair game, we probably play with comparable goals and attitude.
Maybe private clubs/ games just need to be way more explicit when defining the type of game they run. That won't solve all problems, but if you come out clearly offering 'This Thing Here', you'll get the chance to draw and mould what you want, while crossing with other like-minded but different groups.
Like when me and the 'Old Guys' would invite the cream of the speedball kids out so we could kick their asses with brass pump guns.

Anyway, try wearing a cage, helmet, and goggles some time though. A tri shot to the kisser is better than coffee.
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