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Airsoft has gone the same way as most exchanges between individuals.

impersonal, and anonymous.

If you don't know who you are shooting, it is easy to see them only as a target, and not a person.

You see this at events where people do not engage at a personal level with anyone who is not in their team or unit or group.

For many people that i see at events, the perception is that everyone else is there for their enjoyment, the same as computer generated adversaries in a video game.

it has become "us VS them" people no longer play together, they play Against each other. Many events are designed with an overarching theme of competition as the principle driver of the event. Who is "the best" sadly rarely brings out the best in people.

This is exactly why the events I host do not have "winners" and Losers, there is no score to tally. There are only personal challenges to achieve objectives that usually have nothing to do with shooting anyone. The event is designed to challenge the individual and the group they are part of the achieve a goal, not a body count.

Let me just set something straight though. I do not advocate shooting people in the head. The most basic rule is do unto others as you would have done to you.

this is stated as "don't take a shot you would not want to receive" this has always and will always be my personal position and the position that I advocate strongly.

This is the foundation of our society.. and it is significantly degraded in my lifetime. Now it seems the new rule is "get away with as much as you can"

That said , your own personal responsibility dictates that the individual alone is responsible for their safety. It is a fallacy proven time and time again that anyone can rely on others to keep you safe.

Not everyone adheres to YOUR principles .. undisciplined, inexperienced , and downright malicious people exist and you will encounter them on the field. It is your responsibility to do what you need to to keep yourself safe.

Getting shot is part of this activity. you don't get to control who shoots you and where or how much if you are on the field you are agreeing to the risk.
Do what you need to to manage it knowing that you will encounter people who don't do things the way you would, or should.

Honour and Respect is not lost .. only diminished.. and late blooming.
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