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I'm going to do a bit more cane shaking here,

We're all more or less in agreement that bad players exist in all brackets of income when it comes to any activity, having money or lack of does not necessarily contribute to a given level of asshattery.

Here's an issue though, as a field operator, yes you want to keep games clean and players in line. You obviously don't want to sit on your hands and do nothing about cheaters, you'll get to be known as "THAT field" that hosts all the cheaters.

Flipside of the coin is that depending on how many guys there are with bad attitudes, are they having a bad day? are there other factors? are they really 24/7 assholes? How long would a ban need to be in place to teach someone a lesson? At what point do you step in and remove a paying customer from the field, and how many times can you do that before it affects the bottom line of your business? It's not so clear cut when you have bills to pay. Granted one or two bad apples don't mean the difference between sinking or swimming, but guys got crews they run with, and if one guy don't get to go, the entire crew won't go. So now you've lost maybe 10 good guys because 1 is an ass.

Finally, I have a real issue with the 'show me respect before I show you respect' line. That's such a flagrant hypocritical thing to say right after you accuse others of being self entiteld. What entitles YOU to respect? I'm not taking a jab at the guy who said it, but I have a serious beef with the saying. You get 2 of those "YOU first" attitudes opposing each other and you're going to get cold shoulder both ways. It's like a "you should apologize first" argument.

Lead by example, be a good guy, treat others as a good guy, get treated like a good guy. Expect to be treated like a good guy while being on edge to everyone else waiting to see if they're good guys or not, be seen as a jerk.
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