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My main purpose of this post as to bring the awareness back to the front, that it is disappearing.

Many people have commented and the general feeling seems to be common, people use to be trained when they came out to play to respect the rules and each other, and if not were asked not to come back. Fields use to listen and help enforce.

The majority if they agree, need to as mentioned talk to the fields. If 20 players go to a rep/field owner and say we will not play if this 1 person continues, said 1 person will be dealt with as 20x $$$ is far greater than 1x $$$. The control is still there, just not being enforced.

I know of game hosts, who made it a common practice to find someone cheating in the first couple hours of a large game to eject for cheating. Why? Because it showed they were enforcing the rules, and everyone smartened up because they did not want to get kicked and lose their $$$ spent. Recently they have run game with zero complaints of cheating during and even after the game in feedback/AARs. If more people and fields followed this our respect in this sport would be a lot stronger.

Someone mentioned Seige field, I actually was talking to one of the field staff yesterday regarding another post on facebook. They are looking to enforce their rules harder, if they do then props to them for doing so as it shows commitment, and would be a place I would attend if they were local (although I intend to check out their field on my next trip to the GTA anyways). He mentioned they have taken incident reports from serious complaints in the past and will continue to do so, this keeps a record of who was involved and what happened, which will allow them to keep track of who is a consistent problem so they will be able to enforce bans as needed.

Now to only get other businesses/fields to do the same. But before we see these fields/businesses do so, it requires the players to enforce themselves and the base rules. And as a majority speak up the same day while on the field when the issues are happening so the fields are able to act instead of needing to react.
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