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When I first played, we had strict rules. Real gun rules. Safety rules.

Players who DIDN'T follow the rules, bonus balled people, went for head shots and generally didn't call hits would be told they where no longer welcome. Maybe for a couple games, maybe for the season, maybe forever.

I will always remember "buttons". This guy came out with a poor fitting woodland camo shirt, covered in ghille, with a cheap bolt action rifle (I think it was a stock BAR10). He couldn't hit shit with his rifle, which was out ranged easily by stock AEG's. I remember him hunkering down in some rocks and getting sprayed because he wasn't calling his hits. Several players agreed that he was not calling his hits and he was never invited back.

If you have a group of players that frequent a field, all agree that a player is cheating go to the field owner/game control and voice the issues with a player, the field should eject that player. Yes witch hunts happen. But it needs to happen some times, people need to be taught that cheating is not acceptable.
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