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I played my first game in 2000. At that it was played by rich people, (an AEG could easily cost you 1000$) Player where between 35 to 50 year's old. Small game small pool of players.

I was laugh at because I was wearing an green jump suit (I didn't have money for BDU at that time). I was told that the gang of vietnamese where made out of steel since they were knowned to never call their hit. Then I realised that the more geared players would take on them to do all the interesting objective, while we, the new player, were ask to watch the base. It was not a very fun day.

After a couple of game with this crowd, I realise that the guy wit the more gears/gun etc. was bullet proof. But according to him it was because he had good technique of combat. It later confirm that he was a cheater.

This same asshole decided that he would updraded his sniper to 550 FPS without telling anyone. Note that at this time upgrades were not common and chrony was rarely seen in a game. Still this guy knew the force of his rifle (he owned a chrony) and was still going for headshot. At some point someone got a BB stuck in his lip. Most of the game he would host was set in a way that he would have the tactical advantage over the other team. Spray and prey was common at that time. Of course complaning would mean your a wuss. Good thing I had to enter college and focus on my studies.

When I got back into the sport in 2006. These asshole players were all gone. The good & honest one were still there. One of the reason was that the scene had expanded a lot. The bigger pool of player ment that the asshole had lost his control over the scene. There was more team, more people who hosted game. You could now say I will play with this gang instead of this other becaus now there where more than one gang.

All that to says that sometime, you gain by expanding the scene.
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