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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
I'm telling you, having entry requirements and strict rule enforcement LIKE ANY F'ING SPORT ANYWHERE, EVER, will mostly fix these issues. That way those who wish to focus strictly on the competitive side can build something and those who want to just run around like a naked Asians can do their thing, just completely separately. But only if you all have commitment...
The tricky thing is that the old solution was exile - players and teams were banished from the "big" ops and normal field games as they gained a reputation and no one wanted them there. They would be stuck participating in scrubsoft tier events that no one on the forum heard about, nor cared to know about. It essentially grouped all the undesirables off the forums. Good games were had all around.

With the lowered barrier to entry comes a lot of people getting involved in Airsoft, and many of them choose to get involved on Facebook now. Facebook has a very short memory since searching is impossible, and newer players come in and out like a revolving door. So what has happened is a lot of those players, teams and groups that had a piss poor reputation?

They are hosting games now.

They are running large scale events attracting anywhere from 30 to 200 players. They are bringing in players and teaching them the sorts of behaviors that got them banned in the first place and normalizing it to them. You have people who I wouldn't want at any of MY events, offering training or assistance to groups of players. After those players have participated in an event and want to play some more, what do you think they are going to sign up for? Ultimately it's a recipe for disaster but there is nothing you can do about it.

ASC worked because you had no other choice. When you got involved in Airsoft you had to really be into the idea of spending 600 dollars on a gun and hundreds more on gear just to be able to play. The fear of a bad reputation drove out the poor sportsmanship and kept the quality of players high. Now you have the poor sports teaching people how to play, and players thinking certain behaviors are normal. Any history of unacceptable behavior is obfuscated to the point of invisibility. "Quality" players or groups - even signing up for ASC in general - are shit talked into oblivion from these guys because "lol fuck ASC they are a bunch of pricks that take the game too seriously" not realizing the entire reason people took up Airsoft in the first place is because they wanted a serious hobby.

It's a problem that is going to be difficult to solve and I don't think saying one specific group needs to have more commitment / ban hammers / attitude / positivity is going to cut it.
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