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When I started playing the sport. I was told.."give the guy a chance to move if all you have is his head" like a 5 second rule. If you have the drop on a guy....there is absolutely no need to shoot for the head. They will move and you can catch them in the open.

The problem with younger players these days is a sense of entitlement. They want everything and now. Including respect. I'm sorry to say but the kids these days will not get respect from me until they show some to me. Respect as we all know is earn. But we have to many COD gamers on the fields that are more worried about their K/D ratio to give a rats ass about the game being actually played.

I was at a game last year. I was shot and had my kill rag ON MY HEAD. Talking to one of my buddies who was admin at the time. Not even in the engagement area. BRAAAPPP full auto to the back of my head......ok...i'll give you one. Turned around thinking he couldn't see my kill rag. Weapon is down - non threatening target. I'm fully exposed and standing in the open talking to an Admin. Turn around to talk to him again....same thing...BRAAAPPPPP again in the back of the head. Continued to call HIT!!! At this point I was getting steamed. Turned around again to get another volley in the back of the head. At this point I was was seeing red. So I walked over with the admin and talked to a 18 y/o kid with a juiced up AK and a Hi Cap. I asked him what the hell he was doing. He said " I was shooting you. Call your hits douche". I asked him if he knew what was on my head. He said "a bandana" . I lost it. This kid was playing pretty well geared up and didn't even know what a kill rag was. I was pretty fumed. Told the kid. It means i'm dead. You've been shooting a dead player. Who are you here with? Answer was " my buddy is around here somewhere" How long have you been playing I asked. He said " 2 years man, What's your problem?" I left at that point.

Just goes to show that the newer generation of players in most parts are not being taught the rules of the games from the older players. That one little incident ruined my whole day. So I'm at a point where I'm at a cross roads. Do I teach or leave them behind?

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