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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
I'm not liking a lot of posts here to be quite honest.

Many have brought up suggestions that field owners don't do enough, community members are not being aggressive enough in weeding out bad sports, several have suggested that age has something to do with this. And I believe you're all wrong.

The issue comes down to one word: commitment. And that word is not affected by age, colour, religion, political mumbo jumbo, or even the brand of the airsoft gun.

This sport requires commitment from ALL parties. There are no classes or divisions of power in this sport. Yes you have people who pay more attention to kit details and build a super cereal COD kit. Yes you have people who are a little too poor for this and focus on kit that makes them effective. And yes you have people who don't care about their effectiveness they just wanna run out there and get gunned down in a blazing blast of glory and aw!

Shit one of the best things I ever watched was this scrawny lil Asian kid ((who always played up the Asian stereotype himself and laughed about it)) strip off all his gear and went running through the forest screaming like a banshee in sandals! Because: "that's what the bad guys do in jungles." He committed to having fun and in the process we ALL got the joy of watching him get gunned down; while he effectively made the enemy poop their COD drawers and gave us the edge to flank and destroy em.

At all levels the game requires commitment to obey the rules, and play hard. And this is why I always saw the crash in prices as a critical issue for the sport. The fix will not be jacking prices up ((Looking at you 007 :P )), but the realization that additional commitment will be needed from ALL players to get to know the massive influx of new people. It's not as simple as "well he didn't call his hits 3 times today! BAN HIM BAN HIM BAN HIM!" Because everyone wanted prices to drop for the sport to "grow". Well now its time for everyone to grow and take the time to meet and greet every damn new person you see at a field.

COD guys and weekend gun runners and those people that play pretend militia on non game weekends can very easily mix at these games. The reason they don't is not because "well you've too much money because you spent $1000 on a REAL Eagle while I had to afford a $200 Phantom" **insert nerd noises here**. It's because people group off with the people they know. And you always see the same groups isolating themselves off and then this isolation festers all that negativity of he said she said, "its them!"

You find a way to get rid of the isolation of all players through out the sport, young, old, new, experienced, and dumb ass a like can all come back to what is essential of this sport. Commitment.

We just have to accept that there is no longer an entry barrier that set a bar of the commitment required for the sport to be prosperous anymore. And now its on EVERYONE, not just during the game either to keep everyone involved.
Commitment to what exactly? Growing the sport? Enforcement of the rules? Making money? Investing in proper gear? Mentoring the next generation? Playing as a team? Maybe following the goddam rules? Of course everyone needs commitment, but saying everyone needs commitment is like saying everyone needs a pulse to play. Of course they do. Basically your post says; "if everyone did what they were supposed to, they could all just get their blue ribbon and go home.".

Also, apprently airsoft to you is naked Asians running through the forest getting shot at, because it may have happened in Vietnam? Or am I reading that incorrectly?

As someone who has played airsoft avidly for a decade, I can tell you that all of these things mentioned in this thread have always existed. It's just now that they are far more rampant. I know many experienced, long time players have just straight up quit in the last two years, vowing never to return. I guess if you're gonna complain you should do something about it. But like any sport, there comes a time when leagues and the like are formed to take it further and cut out the BS. This would be an incredible undertaking of course.

I'm telling you, having entry requirements and strict rule enforcement LIKE ANY F'ING SPORT ANYWHERE, EVER, will mostly fix these issues. That way those who wish to focus strictly on the competitive side can build something and those who want to just run around like a naked Asians can do their thing, just completely separately. But only if you all have commitment...

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