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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
I think this in turn should be a problem for the field owners then. Employ vigilant referees to alleviate bad players.

I was at Siege one time and there was a fat prick who I had literally shot and hit about 10 feet away, have then turn around, see me, run around the corner, and then shoot me 5 seconds later. Like, really?

And then there was a time where I'm hit and heading back to spawn with my back turned, I have my gun in my hand on the handguard held up high in the air, and still have people taking pot shots at my back.... centre mass, so it definitely wasn't a ricochet or accidental shot. I know it was center because I wear nothing when I play. Words were spoken.

Speaking with the ref was mostly just to vent anger since most of my mood was already ruined by unethical players in that one game. By the time it's over, I already want to leave the place. In my mind, I think, "they're not worth the trouble". So in part, both players and ref have a job to report disorderly conduct and to stop the players from cheating. I was THIS close to going full auto on that fat prick.
Okay I'm just going to say this, I've seen more random Bullshit at Siege than any other field I've ever been at. I'm Sorry when the Ref sits in his little tower on his cell texting the whole game and does F*&*) All to ensure players calling hits and keeping everything in check!! (at least that I've seen when I have been there)
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