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The thing with enforcement is, as it's always been, down to host to communicate with each other and keep track of who is cheating and such. This forum would offer a great place to keep a list (i thought there was talk of something like this before by ColinS I wanna say but it escapes me ATM) of those who have been caught blatantly cheating have been warned and subsequently cheated again and have been ejected from a field. It is then on other hosts to decide if they will give them a chance or not. (Personally at a field I was a part of we had a large group of "cheaters" who had problems at other fields, we gave them the benighted of the doubt, had a minor issue and after a sit down things were sorted and they returned many times before the field closed and are active members of the community and I have no problems with them when I see them on the field. (As a sniper most of the time I'm the most likely to shoot and hit but not get a call lol)
In the end it comes down to the facts that what was once expensive and basically a black market is now mainstream with that we get a large influx of players, more players more ass hats, such is life, big city more crime blah blah.
With such a large influx and then so many fields and hosts it becomes hard to self police as was done long before I came around and found this ready built community full of awesome, helpful (tho sometimes elitist), and all round stand up folks to hang out with and sling plastic on the weekends. Cheaters (few and far between back then) we given a chance it became a problem and they became guys with likely a minimum $1000 investment that'll sit in a closet and collect dust.
These days they just move on to the next field on the other side of town in different camo and no one is the wiser. I personally have the plans of taking first and last names and ASC name of anyone who I have to talk to for cheating seccond warning is a ban for 1 year from my games and then if you want to come back we can meet up at a game and see how that goes before proceeding. Any further cheating (obviously it would have to be blatant and witnessed by a third party hopefully) and I don't have time for that shit you can play in your basement lol.
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