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Hectic, your not wrong, but how does one implement things at fields they don't own? First off, yes you can absolutely ban a group of a large portion of their players cheat. Obviously you'd try and weed out the guilty, but groups tend to know that they have cheaters. If it's just that one guy, and usually every group has one, then fine, whatever. But teams who allow and tolerate cheating are helping to spread the problem around. We didn't keep cheaters on our team. Not everyone was perfect, but I can't remember any of our members getting in a heap of trouble or giving us a bad name.

Controlling who is playing is very difficult as well when you don't own/run the field. There's the team or group minded and then there's the drop ins/weekend warriors. We had a game last weekend where one group complained it was too slow. When you remove the tactical side though, others complain it's too in orderly. The casual players and some beginners is where the paintball BS is coming from. Non serious players running business fields are spreading that type of airsoft because it attracts more youth and their parents money. Tactical teams shit stomping kids and boots going up asses to assert a hardcore style rules will chase them away. I figure the a see if they don't play together anymore.

I love the idea of walking up to a player wearing a kill rag and asking their name. On the other hand, I've caught myself with my hip-up adjusted too high, or something, just as many times as some idiot not calling their hits, so you have to be careful who, how and when you accuse someone of something.

As far as banding together goes, it may be time to chisel a sculpture out of this ugly rock. It won't have loads of traction right away, but it would in time. If I ran a field, I'd make every registered team have a minimum of four members and each team would have to have a legitimate green camo and a legitimate tan camo. I'd run strictly tan versus green, but any group would be capable of playing either side. I'd have a minimum 200' gun range for primary's and absolutely no high caps or drum mags, etc, except box mags for LMGs. FPS and joule limits would be strict admins or refs would be unmarked and within both teams. Just to start. I'd call it something other than the generic "airsoft", just to make the distinction and there'd be no reinacting, sci-fi or whatever within it. It would focus strictly on team based, tactical and competitive gameplay, and yes, a fuckin' radio and headset would be mandatory. Beyond that, teams and players would be able to customize gear, equipment and play styles within the rules of course. If your just a casual or a "just there for yourself" type player, this isn't for you. Also, no one on the field that can't take full legal responsibility for themselves. Maybe a mentoring program for 16 and 17 year olds or something. Any other forms of airsoft, mentalities or what have you, are welcome to play their own version elsewhere.

Step up or go play your not-paintball.

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