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I have to agree that to some extent the sport has gone the way of paintball. That being said there are a few things that are problems causing this. First and foremost folks cannot ID their own teammates never mind who the guy not calling hits is. If a player cannot tell me "hey its this player this is his name he did not call his hit" and then I need to hear it more than once from more than one person (as we all know there are plenty of times when hits just plain aren't felt or audible) before I can say hey you, you are no longer welcome here for whatever duration seemes fit.
The tight little groups like the hill and some other private/semi private places don't have this issue. Places that are full of regular players tend to have little to no issue. Some groups are known as cheaters but just because 4 or 5 out of 20 or 30 are being shady one can't just ban the whole group (from a business standpoint at least) just to weed out the few. The players need to I'd the cheaters and the rest falls into place.
I have put into place a small rule set. It is,
If you think someone is not calling their hit you
1 call yourself out (not consuming a respawn)
2 safely approach the player and ask them their name (no player shall withold their name if they do take a good look and see game controll right away)
3 see game controll if a resolution isn't met between gentleman (most honest players will say something along the lines of "yeah I'm Hectic, sorry did you hit me? I'll call myself out sorry man I didn't feel/hear it" and that would be the end of it)
With those rules still folks complain from time to time but no one knows who's cheating lol
My advice (well my 2 pennies i guess lol)
talk to host/fields about private/semi private games so you can controll who you play with if cheating is a problem in you area. If it's a regular problem at a certain venue or with a certain group either talk to the host, field owner or team command (i would suggest such contact be made through a host who can mediate) and talk about rules (like mine as an example) or talk about problem teammates and such.

To add to this I recently read an AAR for a milsim in my area and I a post a guy posted in reply to another post that he had a convo with his guys about not cheating and yada yada...
All I could wonder is why would one have to even have this convo and then asked myself the question Bloodsport asked.
We (those who play "oldschool") should band together and oust the cheaters. We controll the money (we must be the majority) we don't show up to game without strict no cheating rules and I favoritism then it'll just be all the cheaters (minority? Hopefully) and we all just play at the fields we know are "clean"
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