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Yeah kind of. What I will agree with, and airsoft has ALWAYS suffered from it, is as you said, get rolled by superiority and get all shitty about it. These are the people who immediately start slinging crap and complaining about others. Airsoft is slowly filling with people who buy actual tactical gear, have the time and know how on how to tune their guns, have bigger budgets, will utilize gear like night vision, attend tactical and team building exercises and use it all to its full force against opposition, whatever or whomever they may be. Honestly, I say; "all the power to you". However, I don't like to hear complaints about it. Sometimes these people are the ones not calling their hits, but more often than not, no.

I have said this a million times and I'll say it again; "airsoft is different things to different people". You may think that using airsoft guns to shoot people, versus using airsoft guns to shoot people sounds very similar, but, it isn't. Cheaters and dishonorable jerks aside, certain groups look like they should mix, but they don't. The only real fix unfortunately is to separate them out, but it's hard to do that when you all have to play together at the local business, who could usually care less to make these distinctions for profits sake. I believe very strongly that this is the key problem that airsoft has always had. The COD group, the reinacting group, the competitive military group, the role play group, and on, and on, and on, do not share the same large picture or mentality. Therefore they don't always jive on the field. The COD/I pretend I'm in the military group, tend to do things like use high caps or try to look exactly like a soldier from their favorite movie, weather their gear and equipment is effective and sportsmanlike or not is not their main goal, it's looking and feeling cool. But what the average person sees is a guy wearing modernish gear, shooting his friends. Another group is the competitive/modern tactical group. They prefer to use equipment that works over what they think is cool, work tactical as a team and will despise things like high caps, people without radios and guys wearing standout camp because they thought it looked cool. What do people see? a guy wearing modernish gear, shooting his friends. So it looks the same, but it rarely mixes well.

I don't think that honor and respect are gone, I just think it's too much for your average walk into the sport player who is just there to fill his own self interests. He doesn't like that he can't afford better gear, he doesn't like losing, he doesn't like not being able to have things his way and he can't handle getting butt hurt and losing at something.

These things can be a symptom of lack of mentor ship or admining, but they always existed. The rampant nature of it now is the uncontrolled growth. Although the money wasn't the main issue, but the investment was. It used to take time, money, friendship and hardworking to get into airsoft, now it doesn't. So what we've got is a bunch of Protestants, Catholics, Muslims and Jewish people getting dropped into an area and someone saying; "build a community and get along. Good luck!". Meanwhile the guys that have been there the whole time are now swimming in crap thinking; "we spent years building this into something awesome and it got wiped out quickly by the flood.", so why should we fix it? Then there's a spatter of reasonable people in all groups trying to hold it together with duct tape and saying; "we're all human and religious, we have so much in common. Why aren't we getting along?".

Want it fixed? Purchase your own field and only invite like minded, good attitude teams and players. Also, for god sakes, put your tempers down, you probably didn't hit that player anyways.

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