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Originally Posted by naminator View Post
I don't think price of gear is affecting players respect/honour/maturity. Honestly more available guns at an affordable price just increases accessibility. I have seen players with incredibly expensive load outs cheat and be dishonest/dangerous.
I think there's a lot of miscommunication. Let's get one thing clear here.

I personally believe that lower prices result in more people having access to the sport, this much is true. But with all due respect, I get the feeling that people have the impression (including myself) that people with cheap gear also have cheap personalities which may/not be true, e.g. bad sportsmanship. It's also the first thing that comes to mind is UA's discount Wednesday (or Thursday? I can't remember). The anecdote goes something like "I never play at UA's on Wednesday. There are too many people who don't call their hits/cheat", because they believe in the stereotypes that people who play at half-off entry are dishonest and cheap in both ways.

My theory is that the sport has a problem with honesty because of a mentality that comes with airsoft, among other sports. People who are jerks are attracted to the sport because they have a superiority complex and need something to prove themselves. Young and old alike both use the excuse of being a "Weekend warrior" to brandish and show off their guns, and when someone bests them in skill/tactical superiority, they get salty AF, or carried away with revenge to redeem themselves, hence shooting someone 10 times in the face... or not call hits.

Meanwhile, the remaining weekend warriors who just want to have a good time and play honestly suffer the brunt of it. They have nothing they need to prove to anyone else. Their mentality is that "i should git gud", or at least try to stop dying.

Side note: I started airsoft in 2011, so I'm definitely still pretty new to the scene. I have my rages and outbursts (GET OUT OF THE F-ING WAY! D:<) during games, and I've lost my cool before. We're only human, so I don't think that a lifetime ban from the game is appropriate since it kills business (with exceptions) but maybe a ban for the day, and maybe a refund if they were polite and remorseful.
Originally Posted by Danke
No, you're going to stop and find someone near you in this subform.

Then you will pay that person to fix it for you.

Then you're not going to let your friends play with anything unless it's made by Fisher Price.
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