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I don't think price of gear is affecting players respect/honour/maturity. Honestly more available guns at an affordable price just increases accessibility. I have seen players with incredibly expensive load outs cheat and be dishonest/dangerous.

I was at a game recently. I had been shot, my position was over run and I was trying to leave the area. I noticed several players converging and instead of getting shot, I put my guns down put my hands up and clearly said I was hit and dead. A player came around the corner and shot me. I told him I was dead, so his response was to shoot me again to "confirm" I was dead. I could have freaked on him, but I didn't. But Karma is a bitch, as he decided to pop out of a window about 10 minutes later and got shot in the face (not intentional on my part).

As for cheating I have seen players not call hits several times. I have heard shots hit enemy players. Yes I get sometimes it happens and I just move on. I never go for intentional head shots (if the top of you head is the only thing visible poking out of cover then yeah you will probably get shot there).

I think it is volumes of players. More people are getting into the sport. The "old guard" needs to educate new players on the etiquette of playing. With new fields opening constantly, players hosting games need to be sure trouble players and banned/punished. Last game my team hosted, there was no cheating, hit checks where common and cheaters where warned before a single shot was fired. We enforced rules fairly throughout the game.
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