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Accountability is everything. Players have the right to be jerks, cheaters and disrespectful jackasses, but everyone else holding them accountable is the key. It's true that some older players don't like to mentor, alas this is an attitude that can be found everywhere, in every sport, work environment, etc.

A common attitude that has been mentioned is; "if I boot and ban I lose repeat business.". Best fields and games I ever attended were run by avid players and not business minded individuals. However, anytime you increase volune you have more issues. Bigger cities have exponentially more crime than smaller centres. And now when I go hit the field, there's eighty nameless players versus struggling to get twenty or thirty members together for games.

Any team who has shifty politics, such as mandatory head shots will me found out and should be publicly dragged through the mud, no question. Players who can't behave do not return, period. The bigger the fire, the more people will see it. Meaning; if you hang people publicly for being fuckfaces instead of slapping their wrists in a back room, and example will be set for others, which is "DON'T BE A FUCKFACE OR ELSE!".

If game hosts are lax, I don't return to their games. Although age is not a guarantee of maturity it is a guarantee of being held accountable. Intentionally shooting someone in the head just for the sake of shooting them in the head is wrong, but shooting someone in the head because that's all you have or thats all they'll give you is normal. Same goes for spraying way too many rounds, shooting someone too close, blind firing, or whatever. It's how we deal with it that'll set the future.

There are still plenty of players out there who play adequately. Wanna tighten things up? Then cut the fat! Start by banning lazy crap like drum mags and multiple high caps, or any really, stop taking peoples feelings and personal budgets into account when running games also. Why not set the bar at reasonable? Don't cater to lazy, whiny and cheap players. Hold all players accountable for their guns. Designate max ROFs, FPS and Joule regulations that encompass GBBR temperature swings and Polar Star Joule creep, etc. Do away with double standards and ridiculous FPS. Don't ever enable people based on their weaknesses or laziness. Start there and then move forward.

Step two, have clear and concise rules that push for competitive, active and progressive gameplay, but that don't cater to idiots, low budgets, or selfish and self entitled jerks. Don't like the rules? Then don't play! Your gun doesn't operate properly or behave in all conditions and with all BB weights? Then don't use it! Next, have zero tolerance on temper explosions and violence or revenge. 100% banned at all times, everywhere, everywhere, fucking everywhere. Have admins and people actually playing, keeping an eye on their own players.

There's lots we can do.

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