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Originally Posted by vink View Post
Just to present a flip side, I've seen people try to call out other people for not callin there hits. The issue is that either their own gun is not shooting bb's, bb's are hitting obstacles in the way, or their gun just doesn't have the range they think it does. So calling people out in the middle of the field sometimes is not the best idea. Everyone is running on adrenaline and getting up in someones face accusing them of cheating will not get the best results.
once again this is not a flip side. This goes back to the respect part.

Respect that it is possible you may not have hit, or the other person may not have felt/heard the hit. Rather than having a fit over it, take the high road approach them during a break and say hey I was pretty certain I hit you at this point of the game, not sure if you just did not notice/hear. It happens I've seen it when I mentioned it to the person they were so focused on something else they didn't even feel it, check his gear and found a BB lodged in the spot I hit between pouches. Apologized and said they would do better at listening for that to not happen again.
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