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Originally Posted by pestobanana View Post
I don't have a name here, but this Chinese guy is so bad that it was funny.
If that wasn't so ridiculous it would be laughable. WTF are people thinking?

We set up elaborate games to play in order to add variety and 9 times out of ten nobody even remembers or cares who won.

This is supposed to be a fun hobby/sport and unfortunately many players have completely lost sight of that.

I get that this type of activity attracts primarily Alpha males that like guns and no group doing anything is immune to A holes, but some guys have consistently taken this too far. I won't be surprised to read on hear someday where somebody over shot the wrong guys and got his face smashed in for his troubles.

We need to encourage fair and honest play as much as possible and exercises the jack asses, because we all know who they are, is the only way to remove them from the sport.

Just my 2 cents with a vast experience of 3 years to draw on.
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