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Originally Posted by Cliffradical View Post
Devil's advocate for a third angle:

I was brought in with an intense sense of personal responsibility along with 'respect' and 'honour'.
That meant where an adult chose not to wear face protection, that was tbeir informed choice. Face protection was always highly recommend outdoors (with tales of broken teeth emphasized), and outright mandatory indoors. Those who chose not to wear a cage (myself included at times), did so knowing full well what would happen if someone accidentally discharged into their face, or knowingly discharged into their face if the unprotected person presented no other target.
It was always heavily given that you didn't shoot the head if there was any other option, but it was ultimately the fault of the unprotected when they caught a bleeder on the lip.
People caught being careless, or malicious with abuse of MEDs were reprimanded or banned, but mostly it was "Oh dude, you okay?" "Yeah, lol, good thing I had my mouth closed. " "Yeah, wow, glad you're okay. Wasn't trying to rip you up like that. "Ha, no problem, see you in the game."

Rules and the social contract can limit the damage done to peoples' bodies and egos, but only you can protect you from other players.
That is not a third angle at all.

And you keyed in on my point in your post.

People apologized, recognized they made a headshot and corrected themselves. <--- this is the honour and respect missing from many
Those who did not were reprimanded or banned. <-- this was the consequence if you did not have said honour & respect.
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