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Had an incident before where 1 guy was cheating constantly and the field knew about it. They never banned him though, even the one staff that was playing was uber pissed and walked off.

The one time I brought a group of 14-18 people, the guy never called his hits, we had it on our cameras too, lol. I walked off 2 hrs or so after, followed by most of my group, and we left.

He's still not banned, but the staff and owner talked to him, and he said he "doesn't feel hits." - Which I think is BS, in anycase... the guys not banned, but I feel as most places need to enforce their rules more strictly.

The only time I could see them banning people if there was property damage (I.E shooting lights.)

This is why I stick to semi/private games, but even those can be bad, so you can't really have optimal peace. You just need a good community, and staff to enforce rules and shit.
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