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Originally Posted by montalban
Are there any groups that host events regularly in the montreal area?
I understand theres no nation wide rules for rentals, but how hard are they to come by?
How many ppl usually show up to these events?
I think all three questions above can be best answered by studying the Quebec Events subforum on ASC. Basically, read through posts on past event and look at the list of people who signed up, who ran them and if anyone offered or answered calls for rentals. That's your best bet.

Do many fields allow you to bring your own BBs? if not, what are the typical prices?
Unlike PB, airsoft is completely bring-your-own-ammo.

I have a few more questions, but they concern the guns and internals, I'll save that for later.
The general recommendation is to play with a stock gun for a while before you get any upgrades.

P.S. Any teams in the Montreal area, please feel free to post or PM me your team's webpage.
You can find Montreal based teams in the Quebec Teams subforum.
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