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Originally Posted by Datawraith View Post
K-W AV'ers aren't that active... Joe (Red Cell) owns Flag Raiders, but he doesn't really AV anymore. The rest don't seem to be active at all. My AV'er was Nardac, who lives in London. Great guy, so if you plan to head into London sometime for a game or work, send him a PM.

TM M14s... I think these are pretty rare in Canada, maybe in general. I found a site that sells them for $560 CAD but that's pricey AF and I dunno how legit they are (can't post retailer or link due to rules, sorry).

M110s are (irl) just updated SR25s. M110s are too expensive to justify buying imo, just get a cheaper SR25 and upgrade it to the tits. Someone here on ASC loves SR25s (can't remember who for the life of me, look in the media section for SR25s) and might be a good resource to ask.
Will do, i'll look into. Worst case i can live without AV for awhile till i have a good reason/time to go to London. My ride is pretty br00tal on gas. bout 50 bucks to London and back xD

I just realized i may not be able to play the 26th anyways. I have day surgery earlier in the week. Tho i may just still swing out to see if i can meet the group.
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