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Thanks for the Info guys. It for sure is a lot to take in for info, good thing i've spent the last 5-6 months reading up on everything again. Its tough to find reliable info. As for the 26th, I will try to come out. I'm prob gonna order mags for the KWC pistol.

Does holstering, unloaded and safety engage count as a barrel sock for sidearms? Other questions, where do i order the Paintball goggles/ barrel socks?

As for the m14 I will look into the G&G, but today at work it was slow so my buddy and i were talking about taking guns apart( real steel and airsoft) his old TM mp5 was quiet a nightmare the first few times. He put me onto CA and i saw dun dun dun....... m110 ( by far best weapon in ArmA 3 Milsim games...PC game if you guys don't know of it.) Did some reading on CA and heard nothing but great things including posts by the older members on here. Also its in around the price range I'm looking to spend. ( probably going to be waiting till after the tire season at my work.....OVERTIME yeee yee.)
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