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I'm actually in K-W half the year (because school), and we have several fields we go to.

The main one is Flag Raiders Outdoors, and games run every other week on Saturdays. Here is a link to the FB group when we post games:

The other field would be Finch Field in Guelph, and they post games here on ASC and their FB whenever they are running a game.

There are private fields but I don't know enough of them to tell you.

Check out the local KW airsoft store Blackblitz Airsoft here:
as well as their facebook page. On their FB page, they can help you out with rentals and questions.

Keep in mind that Flag Raiders requires PAINTBALL rated eye-pro, NOT airsoft or milspec'd eye-pro. So get a pair of paintball goggles if you want to play there (I know, I know, YUCK, but rules are rules).

Cheers, and hope to see you on the field sometime!
You going to Laurier or Waterloo? Lol I'm actually gonna be working on my truck at my dads, lives right beside the main Laurier campus
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