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I'm actually in K-W half the year (because school), and we have several fields we go to.

The main one is Flag Raiders Outdoors, and games run every other week on Saturdays. Here is a link to the FB group when we post games:

The other field would be Finch Field in Guelph, and they post games here on ASC and their FB whenever they are running a game.

There are private fields but I don't know enough of them to tell you.

Check out the local KW airsoft store Blackblitz Airsoft here:
as well as their facebook page. On their FB page, they can help you out with rentals and questions.

Keep in mind that Flag Raiders requires PAINTBALL rated eye-pro, NOT airsoft or milspec'd eye-pro. So get a pair of paintball goggles if you want to play there (I know, I know, YUCK, but rules are rules).

Cheers, and hope to see you on the field sometime!
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