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Question Newb with general questions.


I've been playing paintball since '98 and having a blast. For the past 2 years though, I have been wanting to get more into milsim type events. I've tried what's available in pb, but still haven't been satisfied. Last year I started reading and surfing about airsoft. I have read a few gun reviews (arniesairsoft), and visited some field websites (american though) and read a few FAQs about airsoft. But I don't know any airsoft owners personally and still have some questions.

With the PB season winding down, I thought I would give another try at getting to know more about airsoft. Here's what I would like to know;

( I have tried going through past threads on this site, when time permits, but forgive me if I repeat any old questions.)

First off, I live in the Montreal area, are there any official airsoft fields nearby or do alot of groups still use paintball fields?
Is there still a active field in the town of Rigaud? (can't recall the name)
Are there any groups that host events regularly in the montreal area?
I understand theres no nation wide rules for rentals, but how hard are they to come by?
How many ppl usually show up to these events?
Aside velocities and tech limits, what are the typical rules at airsoft events, are there referees or does it all depend on player honesty?
Do many fields allow you to bring your own BBs? if not, what are the typical prices?
And maybe a stupid question does a plastic BB compare to a 68cal paintball. Distances, sting, etc..

I have a few more questions, but they concern the guns and internals, I'll save that for later.

P.S. Any teams in the Montreal area, please feel free to post or PM me your team's webpage.

Thanks in advance,

Monty :salute:
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