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Getting into the sport, rental gear and buying gear questions

K a little bit of background. I bought a pistol off a buddy of mine who played airsoft a few years back. Its a KWC full metal co2 Gbb 1911, I have a drop leg holster for it with no extra mags.

I'm from the K/W area (Kitchener waterloo, Ontario ) I'll be looking into AVing soon. I am wondering what fields (outdoor preferably) do Rentals to try out the sport. I've heard of a place in London that does Friday firefights and Sunday milsims.

For gear wise, I will be buying my own eye pro and face pro. I have been interested in wanting to play air soft for a few years now but was in college and only worked part time. Finally being in the trades I can financially condone playing the sport/ driving to certain locations.

If I do like the sport. Which is more then likely, as I do hunt and have been around real steel since I was a kid. I was looking into a DMR role, m14's have always been a gun I've had a hard on for. What brands would be a good semi auto AEG ( full auto too) would be a good starter gun that is reliable and upgradeable? I have looked in CYMA m14's and look reasonable with a decent price point ( so far everything is sold out at the moment.)

I will probably have more questions but I'll just start off with this. As my friend has only been able to answer so much since he's been out of it for awhile.

Thanks again.

Jordan/ Balgreth
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