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Medic is a tough job. Your buddy just stuck his neck out in the open, got shot, and now you’ve got to go to the exact same spot. Sometimes you’re stuck in the open and have to create some cover. Unfortunately a lone medic can’t multitask like that. They need to help suppress the original enemy shooter(s) and get their buddies into cover and healed up. The best teams support their medics. With a buddy down, non-medics need to worry ‘bout more than ‘getting those sweet kills’.

So, what do you do if you’re a ‘lone’ medic? As in unattached to a specific team but still amongst a bunch of ‘irregulars’ on your side? You’ve got to take command, as they train you in first aid, look at people directly and point at them.
YOU give me cover fire. YOU come pull the wounded with me. YOU suppress that godamn sniper. MOVE NOW GO GO GO.”
And that’s not easy to do. If you’re command material you’d be Fire Team/Squad lead, not dude with the red X on his arm. But here’s where you separate the men form the boys: guys who know the game will help you. They’ve either been left alone in the dirt to bleed out before and know it sucks, or have been saved and got back in the fight to turn around an ambush and know it’s awesome.

Much like practicing something like, say, breach & clear a room, teams should practice ‘medic drills’. Ideally you should do this on your down time, but ain't nobody got time for that, but you can still work in practice session during smaller/skirmish games.
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