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Hello ASC!

Jordan here, Balgreth works tho. Use to it from playing MMO's.

So to start off, I've been doing a lot of "chairsofting" i guess you guys/gals(?) call it doing research into the sport. I have never played it before, tho i have played paintball from time to time (didn't really care for it tbh.)

A friend of mine that i work with use to airsoft awhile back, it came up in topic at work the other day (I have been interested in starting to play for awhile, just never was financially capable to condone spending the cash at the time.) I recently just purchased a side arm from him that he had laying around.

I've been reading a ton trying to figure out a decent starting platform. (Clothing/tac gear i have kind of covered with some military surplus stuff that was used for hunting gear that i have had laying around the past while.

I know I'd eventually want to venture into trying out a VSR-10 ( *cough* i know another "sniper", DMR would be much more suitable/adaptable) but, I know they require a lot of $$$ for upgrades. Plus trying to research on which Clones are "good" compared to the original TM just seems like a whole lot of work before even getting started.

Some suggestions for a "decent" reliable gun that may be worth upgrading or stepping up from would be appreciated. M14's? G3's (not JG plastic?If they exist?) trying to avoid the m4/m16 variants.(everyone and their lil bro seems to have one-.-)

Lastly, I'm From the Kitchener/Waterloo area and was wondering what the outdoor/Milsim scene is like around my area? I know of 2(?) places near London that do stuff but i don't know of any others.
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