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Originally Posted by Kelseamac View Post
Sort of decided what I am going for, so here's my top 3:

1. Tokyo Marui XDM .40 Green Gas Pistol (175$)

2. Tokyo Marui Glock 17C Custom (190$)

3. KJW M9A1 Olive Drab CO2 Pistol (190$)

Again, if anyone has personal experience or info on any of these, tell me

Also, in either of the TMs, what type of gas would I need? (GG/Propane/ Duster/ etc.)
1. Points well, good angle, idiot proof operation with cocked and loaded indicator, grip safety. Bad side is the trigger can be a little long for a striker fired pistol. Nice mag capacity, good sights.

2. Get the regular TM Glock 17. The 17C looks nice, but has a ported slide, 1911 grip adapter, and magwell. The magwell is useful, the grip adapter fits nobody, and the ported slide can let in dirt. Parts compatibility through the roof.

3. It's loud. Trigger's light, double action's decent, points well. Grip is on the larger side. Safety gets in the way of a power stroke. Definitely heavy.

All three are good options. I like Glocks, so I recommend them. I used to carry the Beretta, and if I liked the look of the XDM I'd have one too.
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