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If you have to jerry rig a solution for your pistol, and it wasn't issued to you by some organization, you need a different pistol.

Have you held a Glock 23/32? Depending on your needs, it can either be the perfect fit, or it can be infuriating small compared to a 17. Parts compatibility with TM is hit or miss - nothing fits right, the front rail block is different... but at least KJW parts are easy to get.

Most KJW pistols, with the exception of their USP (Ugh) are reliable workhorses. You will find that the M9s are a good gun, though I don't like their takedown - having become used to a captive recoil spring, I'm not enthused about having my spring fly halfway across my room when taking it apart. I also don't like how easy it is to engage the safety when racking the slide. It's a training issue, but a needless one when a frame mounted safety for them is possible (Looking at you Taurus). Lastly, having used a M9A1 as a primary sidearm, it's heavy. Like, anchor heavy. You WILL feel it.

I carry a Glock 17, but it's a custom build. The TM Glock 17s are a lot like a McLaren... they'll do their job damn well, but they're not durable externally. If you baby your kit, it'll be the best pistol you can get (and now at prices near KJW Glock price) and if you don't... upgrade or get a Sig.

Why a KJW Sig? Easy. It's a full metal pistol that can be found at retailers for less than $200. It doesn't have a safety in an awkward position, just a easily engaged decocker. Parts are easily available for it. The grip is super comfortable for small or large hands (Get rid of the finger grooves, Glock) and the sights are nice and clear. I mean, the downside is that it's got a high bore axis (barrel high up) but in airsoft that's not an issue. The gun is also lighter than the M9.

Lastly, if you're straining to make your budget, stop. Save up some more. The rule is buy cheap, buy twice. I learned the hard way, hopefully you don't.
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