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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
I can tell you that the price for Lexan has gone up. I recently shattered my flashlight lens by dropping it only once while I was running. I went to Home Depot for a sheet 11" x 14" for about $15 to make a replacement lens. Polycarbonate sheets are nice and durable, very easy to cut with a jigsaw and shape with an angle grinder.

A fun DIY project that will leave your arm with small bits of PC shrapnel.
Haha, I can atest to the PC shrapnel... not fun, long sleeves are a must. But I agree the lexan is a great solution to this, I got a 10" by 8" for 5$ at my local Home Depot which was enough to provide protection for a few lenses. A little bit of work, but worth it.
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