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Originally Posted by pestobanana View Post
VFC and Krytac both do the job well. I personally prefer VFC, but pick the one you think looks better.
Thanks Pestobanana. Your experience is welcomed. Before your edit i saw that you worked less with Krytac's than with VFC. Is that because Krytac are new to the scene or because they are built a little bit more robust?

Originally Posted by daishi View Post
VFC, great externals......lemon insides. Atleast thats been my experience, as well as my friends, and many people on the forums.
Thank you for your input daishi. If I may ask, what VFC model did you and your friends have that sucked it up? Also, what is your go-to gun right now? Not getting a lemon as a first gun (while always a possibility) is something that I am trying to ensure happens through this post!

Originally Posted by daishi View Post
I can never go back to using AEG's as I was exposed to GBB's early on.
Could you describe your experience with GBB compared to AEG a little bit more for me? Is your experience with GBB more a personal preference or are AEG's generally regarded as inferior?

Originally Posted by NoGear View Post
Find a gun you like and see if you can find one second hand that's been taken care of and have some upgrades already in it for a fraction of the cost.
Yes I see this as a heavily recommended path to enter into the hobby. I am in the process of getting Age Verified however I do not believe that I am knowledgable enough (right now) to know if a gun is in good condition or if the mods that were made were done properly etc. Makes me nervous tbh

Thank you for all your input! Any guidance is welcomed.
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