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how about you play some more and find out what gear you are constantly finding you need to have with you so you can accommodate for it?

How "MILSIM" are you going? Are you going to casual combatsim that boils the experience down to squad cohesive force on force, or do you want to hump through the bush for 36 hours and not see another soul or shoot your gun at someone but be shot at constantly?

most milsim games in canada don't require you to pack in all the shit you will use plus overnight gear and rain gear.

I find it interesting that you list "GOOD eyepro" as a need... so you don't need that same level of quality eye pro for a casual skrim day? you need GOOD eye pro period. Same goes with footwear.

If you're throwing this kind of list together in such a fashion, you're showing you have very little play experience. You should know what you need to play at the basic 8 hour game level. 12-18-24 hour games scale from there.

Play more... figure out what you have, what you need, then go and get it. Play more.... figure out if you bought the right thing or not. Analyze your situation and decide if you need something or not, at a certain level of quality or not.

I see lots of guys who just went out and dropped 2k on a bunch of shit that show up at a field, they get shot the fuck up cause they don't know how to play and they bought all this crap they don't need to be carrying with them, that goes from skirm days to milsim days equally. These guys gas out halfway through the game because they're overloaded, overheating and getting lit up every time they step out of a safe zone cause they can't move for shit.

Amount of shit you want to hump with you depends on the game, how far will you be operating from a point where you can safely leave gear to eat, reload, hydrate, etc? How often can you access that point? Every game is different, and most experienced players will tell you the kit they bring is generally tailored to the style and duration of the event.

If you're asking what you need to get started in the hobby, then you compiled the wrong list and asked the wrong question. lol.
I futz with V2s, V3s and V6s. I could be wrong... but probably, most likely not, as far as I know.
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