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You are right. AEP's externals are not great. However with the Glock AEP you can get glock logo side straps and a metal slide for it. Both DRASTICALLY improve the appearance of the gun.

The TM models are better than the Cyma. However from a distance both look like glocks and honestly the performance of the guns is what you are after.

I have a Cyma .030 (G18c) with a nineball piston head, upgraded spring and nineball barrel. My gun is very accurate, if under powered and has an excellent ROF (upgraded to 7.4v lipo).

Keep in mind you will need to upgrade the battery right out of the box and the Cyma guns are hit and miss. If you are going to spend a small fortune on one then just get a TM MK23, in Canada they don't cost too much and work extremely well.
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