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Originally Posted by Swattiger View Post
+1. Their price increases significiantly in the last 2 months. The percentage is greater than the depreciation of Canadian dollars.

You may also try Chigun Hobbies. Their collection is not the best but the price is better, and they also do special order for some very unique items e.g. Inokatsu pistols.
Ken at Chiguns is great, cash deals, no tax, and negotiable if you do big orders. (in Person) + It's pacific mall, common.

I.E GHK Tavor $750 Cash
I.E. TM M&P9, TM HK45, etc. $280 Cash
I.E. GHK M4 $650 Cash
I.E Black FNX45 - $280 Cash

CAD is crap now, but his prices are still relevant.

etc etc etc
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