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I have a KJW M9...had it for a year now...But rarely have to use primary AEG has always been pretty good...and being a bullpup I don't even switch to pistol for room clearing.

However, the KJW M9 is really nice..smooth action..

I think the primary thing is actually go and feel some pistols...I don't like the M9 because of my hand size just doesn't fit well. I have small hands that likes compact pistols..full size is too big, I can't even reach the mag release without moving my whole hand...cause I bought it online without feeling it first...

right, edit:
Perosnally, I don't like KWC. Parts not least I can't find it...cause I was trying to fix my friend's KWC pistol. The parts in the KWC was inferior to 2 free Cybergun CO2 pistols of the exact model I got from a supplier at a trade show! (unless you want to shell out a lot of shipping fee)
KJW parts is like everywhere in NA...

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