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Lack of reviews on the net cause they've been outta the game for some years, or so I'm told. I bought it on a whim from Depot in Toronto. Paid $145 for it, seems like a nice little project gun, full metal slide and polymer body with full trades. Held up to a TM and looked identical....the slide almost fit on the TM, just needs some filling down on the rear end of the slide by the blow back housing for complete compatibility. I say its a project gun as the gas efficiency is something to be desired with the stock gas mags (that's been the crippling defect with mine, the gas mags I bought don't hold enough gas for the 24rds it holds......though this just might be that floating valve/hammer replacement I spoke of to fix it - or as huang just put it in the thread above, the recoil spring is too hard and needs replacing), and compatibility with the WE mags needs some work. Though I haven't run it that hard with the CO2, it seems solid enough for some gaming. I had one incident at a game where it started to fire full auto on me, this was just recently and I haven't ripped it apart to figure out what happened......though the next mag fed and shot fine with no full auto fire issues...??,,??

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