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Originally Posted by St. Ides View Post
Thanks for such an in-depth comparison! The BELL you have sounds really good! After researching a bit more, I figured the reason why there aren't much BELL reviews out is due to brand unfamiliarity. The existing video reviews about them are older models using green gas mags. They seemed to be TM clones due to the low fps (270-300), which is still pretty low for green gas. They also weren't CO2 ready. (ref: So I assume these were pre-2014.

One thing though, seems like the post-2014 ones from Hong Kong still had plastic slides. ( However, they were CO2 ready, and TM and KJW mag compatible. I looked into Tiger111HK more and I did find a full metal version. They don't show the dates when the items were put out so its possible BELL made a plastic and metal version.

Have you had any crippling problems with the BELL G17? Polymer construction on Glocks are standard so that's not really a concern. When did you buy it? How much? Do you know anyone else with BELL guns?

Originally Posted by BioRage View Post
Thanks for the reply! I just wanna clarify that I'm aware they seem a bit sketchy cause of the lack of reviews on the net. I also looked into KJW and KJW 1911s, but the reason why I'm interested in these BELL ones is the possibility of them being hidden gems... I know its a longshot but I have hope. Assuming they don't sell much (because of the lack of reviews), this doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. I, for one, would write a really bad review if I had a really crap experience with them. Likewise if I had a good experience, I'd write a review. I would say the lack of reviews is due to the same mentality that many people have with unfamiliar brands.

Another reason why I'm interested is because of how much they seem to be improving their guns over time. They have put out many versions over the years: green gas only, CO2 and green gas ready, plastic slides, full metal, etc. When you think about it, if they didn't sell why would a company invest in making more? Also St. Ides' review on their Glock tell me they're on par with WE pistols, maybe even better. I would guess a little behind KJW, but the fact that they're both CO2 and green gas ready is impressive. I would agree that the fact that they have a cheaper price tag might mean that they did something with the gun to cut down on costs, and the extra nozzles and o-rings also imply that they expect these guns to have problems in the long run. On the other hand, it could also mean that these extra parts are just bonus.

I had my eyes on KJW 1911 (best choice), KWC, also the Socom Gear MEU. WE seems to be a hit and miss so I'm staying away from those. My friend and I are gonna be AV'd soon and I showed him the BELL 1911. I don't want him to get a crap gun which is why I am researching. Anyway, if he ends up buying it I'll write a review with updates! Hopefully it is a hidden gem though
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